For Renters

Need Help?

Renters can find links here to help assess maintenance situations, connect or disconnect utility services and go over move out checklists.

If you can’t find it here don’t hesitate to call the office, (707) 445-8822.


If you have a routine maintenance concern, please call our office to request a service appointment.

You may need to seek quick or immediate help. In cases of severe emergency such as fire, call 911 immediately, then notify us as soon as possible.

Click below to use the following table and determine the severity of your issue and decide who to contact.


Find out who to contact to set up utility services (electricity, garbage pickup, water, sewer, etc.) for your new home if your rental requires you to do so.

The following companies can help you set up utility service for your new home. If you’re required to pay for these services, you’ll need to set up your own account independently (unless otherwise instructed.)


Did you cover everything? These are the steps to take before you vacate. Make sure you complete all of the following steps before leaving your rental property. If the premises are left in good (and clean) condition, you are much more likely to receive a full refund of your security deposit!

1. Inform us of your plans to move out. You can do this in writing (by mailing or dropping off a written notice to our office).

2. Make sure we have your forwarding contact information for your security deposit refund.

3. Clean the unit completely. Download our cleaning checklist below to help you cover everything. We’ll use this same list to check the condition of the premises after you leave.

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